When renting the park, you and your guests have exclusive access to the park and adjacent parking lot for the entire day of the event. If you wish to use the park prior to 10am, please let us know in advance so that we may accommodate you.

Gathering Areas

In the southwest corner of the park is a covered dancehall building, perfect for gathering around music, speeches, slideshows, and dancing. To the north is a covered food preparation and dining area. Along the west side of the park there is a beautiful brick terrace overlooking Oak Creek with 3 round tables, benches, and a bar, perfect for a cocktail hour. In the center of the park is a lovely green lawn with a wedding arch set against the beautiful backdrop of Oak Creek. Additionally there are two restrooms hidden behind walls of green vines.


We have a covered dining area with ten 8 foot tables. There is a small kitchen at one end of the dining area that features a stainless steel covered serving and preparation table, a large reach-in refrigerator, and two charcoal grills. You are welcome to furnish your own food and beverages, whether you wish to prepare your own food or hire a caterer. There are a number of wonderful caterers in the area.


There is a cocktail area overlooking Oak Creek with two bars on either side. You may hire a bartender, or have guests serve themselves, but the sale of alcoholic beverages is not allowed. Beer (bottled and in kegs), wine, liquor, mixers, and ice is available at the Indian Gardens Oak Creek Market directly across the highway.


Your guests will have no shortage of recreational activities. The park features a ping pong table, bean bag toss, a 12' x 24' pitch and putt golf game, and a sandbox.


While the facilities and activities are sure to make your event a success, the true wonder of Indian Gardens Park is the stunning setting. The large green lawn is surrounded by mature sycamore and ash trees, through which a view of Sedona's fabled red rocks can be enjoyed. A fresh water spring breaks ground on the property, while gently trickling into the flowing creek below. While viewing the images in our photo gallery is a nice introduction to the park, we invite to you come and visit this unique site for yourself. Please contact us to set up a tour of the park. We give tours any Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday anytime from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Park Capacity

Normal capacity of the park is 100 people. The absolute maximum capacity is 125 people. This can be accomplished by renting additional tables and chairs. 


We have an adjoining parking lot that can accommodate around 30 cars. We ask that you make every effort to carpool and reduce the overall amount of vehicles. The parking lot will have an 'event parking only' sign to keep non-guests from using it during the day of the event. 

Garbage and Recycling

Please put all the trash in the garbage cans and recycling bins where appropriate. Indian Gardens Park is committed to minimal waste and the preservation of our environment. We are located directly above beautiful Oak Creek and it is important that litter not make its way into our stream.

Closing Time

Amplified music must be turned off by 9:30pm and lights should be turned off at 10:30pm. We are surrounded by a residential neighborhood, and we ask that you respect our neighbors by following these time guidelines.

We thank you and we hope that you will be enjoying a memorable occasion in this beautiful park.